Euclid at the End of Everything

Crowley's Art.

Crowley’s Art.


Well, I have no reason at all to care what I do anymore. Nothing matters, so, I might as well do whatever I want! Coming from me, that doesn’t mean: “go be rude to people and break things”, no, I got a lot of my destructive tendencies out of my system in my teens and early twenties. Thank Cthulhu that all that is behind me. No, my “do whatever I want” these days is all about construction. Art. Alchemy. (Check out the “Temperance” card from Crowley’s Thoth deck.)

On that note, this morning I am thinking about building on my piddly knowledge of math.

Euclid’s geometry. How absurd is it that they don’t start with that shit in elementary school? If anyone had ever pointed me towards Euclid’s “Elements”, I probably would have been a lot less frustrated with the concepts in math class throughout the ages.

Nobody ever knew what I was asking when I asked “why” about mathematics. Where do these base assumptions come from? Whose ideas are we building on? What did those original ideas evolve from? Why do we trust that the concepts are true enough to build our elaborate and delicate filigree towers of “knowledge” upon?

But of course, being a child, I did not have the words to express my questions. All I had was “I just don’t get it” and “but why?” Math tutors never had any answers for me, and I don’t blame them. The equations made sense enough, within their own strange vacuumes. But, when they just float around in my head, unattached and removed from a base of sensical history, how am I supposed to trust my logic to guide me to the right equations?

Oh, but Euclid. That is where I need to start if I want to understand math. I was always fairly competent at geometry, and there are just too many synchronicities for me to ignore that pathway of knowledge. Hopefully I live long enough to teach myself math. I’d love to one day hold a bachelor’s of science and arts.

Dream big; why not; we’re all doomed regardless.


~ by A. L. Park on June 25, 2014.

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