I’ve been making music


Well well well, look what the cat dragged in. It’s me! Back from the blank depths of not having written anything (aside from work stuff) for a little while. Honestly, not sorry at all. I’ve been working on my album, which I decided that I wanted to make just around the time that the regular blogging stopped. Here is a link to the utter garbage I have been producing. I really hope you don’t like it at all! No, seriously, my aim was / is to produce stuff that really sucks. That way, if I succeed, then hurray, success! And if I fail, then that failure entails success at my original intention, which was to produce fail quality work. I have thought my way into win-win artistic freedom! Hurray!

In internship news, I attended some gala fundraising dinner, and widened up to the business world corporate suckfest. I am too much like my mother. The next week, I ended up at a media release event as a reporter. It was there that the gleam in my eye was dulled nearly entirely. It’s high school again, hating every thing and everyone and all the bullshit business politics that permeate absolutely everything.

And the worst part is that every facet of reality seems completely, inescapably saturated with the same kind of politics. Friendship, family, dating, education, blah blah blah, it’s all shit. Has it always been like this? Jeeze, I really hate everything. Maybe that’s just a today thing but it’s still an uncomfortable feeling.

Why must we all just deal with it? Enough people are miserable that if we had the energy to change it, we would. Wouldn’t we? Am I a bald nerve? Shouldn’t I be? In what profession may I please be a bald nerve so that it may grow my productivity rather than detract from it?


~ by A. L. Park on June 22, 2014.

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