Internship: Wow 2; practicalities


Gosh, I wish I had coffee this morning. The car window was left open all night, so here I am with my new haircut and my “confident” outfit, sitting on a windbreaker feeling damp and icky.

So now that you know my plight, here are 5 things that helped me land my second internship this summer.

1) Tidy desk.
This seems like nothing, but it’s huge. Take a moment before starting a project to channel your inner anal; make the office supplies line up, close unnecessary desktop windows, develop a system for handling your loose sheets of paper. Write the date on everything, bonus points if it’s in the same spot every time. I like the top right corner.

2) Live it.
Give up a little bit on some of the social elements of your life. I know, blah blah, best days of my life etc etc. This one is tough for “normal” people who have good friendships and easy relationships, but if you’re lucky enough to be lonley, embrace it. Throw yourself into the job, and if you like the work (which, if you don’t, what are you doing?) it should be easy to want to be there early and right to the end of the day.

3) Tone and posture.
Sit up straight and think about Claire Underwood from House of Cards. The way she comports herself, the way she holds her hands, the softness of her voice; none of it means she’s at all soft, but she is the silk to Frank’s steel. She’s a powerful woman and she will cut you, with a smile and a thank you and a pleasant on-the-phone manner.

4) Hurry up and wait.
Don’t dawdle. Admittedly I check my phone maybe 4 times a day, but you stand out when you’re focused. When you come back with a complete project in a short amount of time, you are showing your value. If it’s also done well, you’re sending the message “I know these are small potatoes. Challenge me.”

5) Embrace the challenge.
Yes I want a stable life and a steady paycheque. But, I don’t want money to be the number one motivating factor behind everything I do! It took a long time, a lot of books read, and many agonized shower-cries to find the true fire inside me. So here, let me show it to you; I want to see what I can do. Everything I do is a challenge to myself, to test and break my preconceived notions of the limits of what I am capable of.

In the end I have one thought. If you want to break the mould,  it helps if you’ve ever hated the mould. Be you, be fire, be ice; be potent and effective. I believe in you!


~ by A. L. Park on May 29, 2014.

2 Responses to “Internship: Wow 2; practicalities”

  1. :::smile:::
    I look forward to your looking back on these five items five years from now. (Yes, “five”; not “5”.)

    You offer well-considered advice to your imagined previous self.
    • A year ago, would have you read it?
    • Would you have been able to use it?
    • How would you have been able to distinguish it from poor advice?

    Now shift your fulcrum: Future selves might offer advice to your current self.
    • Will you find it, read it, know it to be good, and heed it?
    • How? Why or why not?

    “And when you long hate a mould, the mould also hates you.”
    (apologies to Friedrich Nietzsche)


    P.S. Top left corner? Really?? The spot obliterated by the staple??? I place the date lower-right if part of the work, or upper-right if a handwritten annotation.

    • Oh I absolutely love your feedback! Thank you.

      Yes indeed “five”, I won’t change this however because it was a conscious nod to the magazeenieness that is creeping into my style.

      A year ago I may not have read this, because I would not have dreamed I was capable of doing an internship at all! I am trying to cast my mind back to what may have caught my attention back then… Hmm…

      And as per the post script: I can’t believe I said left when I meant RIGHT! I’ll blame this one on my lack of coffee.

      Thanks so much for helping me develop my abilities here 🙂

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