Internship: The Risk was Worth the Reward



As of my last post, I was quite nervous going in to work, to face the result of having come out of the closet as Bipolar.

I usually arrive at work at 7, an hour early, because my mother drops me off (She works very near by and it saves a lot of money in transit to let her drive me. Plus, she likes to spend time with me, but I digress.)

As I get out of the car, another car pulls up behind us and I scoot out quickly to let them through. They roll down the window as they pass me; It’s the editor-in-chief and her husband, the president!! Oh goodness gracious!!

“Wait there, I’ll let you in!” She calls, and they drive off to park wherever they park. Usually I’d be walking to my coffee shop in the morning to sit and blog for a bit, but shucks, she’s letting me in to the building! I wondered whether she knew about my interest in the application.

In the elevator she says: “So I hear you’re interested in the application! That’s great!” and then tells me how happy she is with my work, and how organized I am. Take it from me, anyone starting an internship, it pays to make sure the papers on your desk are neat… she definitely noticed!

So we spoke for half an hour about the opportunity, her expectations, the company, etc. It was inspiring. This is the most successful woman I’ve ever encountered, and I want to be like her.

I am confident that I will get the job.

So there you have it, sometimes the risk is worth the reward; but I would not have risked this if I wasn’t confident in the environment. The right questions need to be asked, at the right time, in the right way. Caution is key, until the right moment to risk everything presents itself.

This is going to be great! There will be opportunity not only for me to advance my career, but for my voice to be heard in a subject that matters. I can’t talk too much about it though, until it’s secured. It’s better not to get too high hopes until the papers are signed, right? Right. Caution is key.

Today, fueled by this confidence, I finally took the reins on the Liberal Studies club for school; I put together a shared document for my co-leads and me to access and communicate through. Told them to add things to it for early August, expressed my intentions of Skyping with them in late August… did some social media and connecting with alumni, too. I’m trying to channel the Editor-In-Chief.





~ by A. L. Park on May 25, 2014.

3 Responses to “Internship: The Risk was Worth the Reward”

  1. Never run away from your lion.

    P.S. Yes, the language is changing, but for now, in professionally edited text, each pronoun in a compound prepositional phrase still takes the objective case: “… for my co-leads and /me/ to access ….”

  2. ~hug~

    More, please.

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